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Discover Sonoma’s Best Wine Shop at The Sonoma Cheese Factory

We take immense pride in introducing the newest jewel in our crown—Sonoma’s Best Wine Shop, nestled gracefully within The Sonoma Cheese Factory. Prepare to experience a curated selection of Sonoma’s finest wines, meticulously chosen to elevate your appreciation of this revered drink.

Under the expert guidance of sommelier Todd Jolly, known affectionately as “The Champagne King,” this new wine destination is dedicated to offering an unparalleled journey of refined tastes and aromas. With a focus on excellence and personalized service, Todd ensures that each bottle reflects the exceptional craftsmanship and passion of Sonoma’s esteemed winemakers.

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The Sonoma Cheese Factory is open 7 days a week. Come visit us and enjoy the best of Sonoma.

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