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Cheese is just the beginning

Discover a marketplace filled with Sonoma’s tastiest delights

Sonoma Cheese Factory

A One-Stop Shop
for Sonoma cheese, wine, and smoked meats

The iconic Sonoma Cheese Factory has been a purveyor of award-winning cheeses in the Sonoma Valley for 90 years.

Today, Sonoma Cheese Factory is continuing its rich legacy by offering superb cheeses and cured meats, Sonoma County wines from the Sonoma’s Best Wine Shop, locally-sourced goods, and pre-made sandwiches and meats by the pound from The Butcherman.

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meet our fromager

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James Ayers

Bay-area native James Ayers is Sonoma Cheese Factory’s resident fromager (that’s “Cheesemonger” in English). With over thirty years of experience, he brings passion and a wealth of expertise to Sonoma Cheese Factory.

James travels extensively throughout the United States and Europe to curate one of the most exciting cheese selections in the world. His genius is evident in his crafting of creative cheese and beverage pairings including his all-time favorite – brie and cider.

meet our bbq master

Oscar Gomez

Utilizing extended curing techniques, a signature sauce, and a beautiful presentation, Executive Chef Oscar Gomez merges the art of fine dining with versatile barbecue to draw out maximum flavor in every bite.

The Butcherman is exclusively located in the back half of The Sonoma Cheese Factory, and we carry their pre-made sandwiches and meats by the pound throughout the week. We also feature their full menu at Sonoma’s Tuesday Night Market. (All made-to-order hot sandwiches are served or picked up in The Butcherman area only.)

The Butcherman is currently updating their hours of operation. In the meantime, contact us for more info!

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meet our sommelier

todd jolly at the sonomas best wine shop

Todd Jolly

With an illustrious career spanning the realms of wine distribution, wine production, and supply, Todd Jolly has earned the distinguished moniker of “The Champagne King.” Throughout his remarkable journey, he has traversed the vineyards and cellars, weaving a tapestry of expertise and passion for the world of wines.

Todd’s profound understanding of the intricate art of winemaking has been honed through years of dedication and hands-on experience.

Today, Todd Jolly stands tall as an independent retailer at Sonoma’s Best, driven by a relentless passion for personal service and an unwavering commitment to building lasting relationships with his customers. He cherishes every interaction as an opportunity to guide fellow wine enthusiasts on a captivating journey of discovery. Each bottle becomes a testament to his devotion to ensuring that every customer finds the perfect wine to suit their taste and occasion.


Originally founded as Sonoma Valley Creamery by Italian immigrant Celso Viviani in 1931, this small, family-owned business in the abundant Sonoma valley grew to put California on the world cheese stage. At its inception, the Sonoma Cheese Factory produced Italian-style hard cheeses and fresh cheeses, specifically cottage and cream cheese. Eventually, production shifted towards semi-hard cheeses, including its flagship—Sonoma Jack.

The awards followed. In 1987, Sonoma Cheese Factory became the first cheesemaker west of the Mississippi to win a medal in the United States Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin with their Sonoma Garlic Jack.

Today, Sonoma Cheese Factory resides in the same historic location it has since 1945 and is revitalizing its rich legacy in the Sonoma Valley and beyond.

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The Sonoma Cheese Factory is open 7 days a week. Come visit us and enjoy the best of Sonoma.

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